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Unit Tests


Why not Jasmine, YUITest, etc.

Application setup

  • Stand-alone
  • YUITest
  • PhantomJS is universally required


AST: Esprima

A JavaScript tokenizer / parser / beautifier / compressor.

This version is suitable for Node.js.  With minimal changes (the
exports stuff) it should work on any JS platform.

This file contains the tokenizer/parser.  It is a port to JavaScript
of parse-js [1], a JavaScript parser library written in Common Lisp
by Marijn Haverbeke.  Thank you Marijn!


Static: node-cover

Build: grunt-coverjs

$ grunt instrumented
if (typeof __$coverObject === "undefined"){
     if (typeof window !== "undefined") window.__$coverObject = {};
     else if (typeof global !== "undefined") global.__$coverObject = {};
     else throw new Error("cannot find the global scope");

Run: Blanket.js

Browser: ScriptCover

Visualization: Scrubby