Table of Contents

1. Static Assets Build, Deploy, and Release

1.1. Background

Frequently static resources are deployed in the following ways:

  • HEAD of VC
  • tag of VC
  • RPM of build based on HEAD of VC

This will cover using git-flow as the baseline release tool with deployment integrated into the Grunt build tool and Puppet.

1.2. Goal

Reduce the communication costs associated with when and what to build and how to deploy to a staging environment. The following should be triggers:

  • on the merge of a release into master stage should be deployed
  • on updates in develop the test environment should be updated
  • production release should pull the stable version on stage

1.3. Setup

This assume you're running

  • static resources stored in git
  • git-flow
  • Grunt
  • Puppet

1.4. Work-flow

git flow init
git flow release start 0.0.1

Author: Jason Walsh

Created: 2023-10-24 Tue 12:05