Table of Contents

1 Background

This summarizes some of the better tools available as of June 2016 with a focus on combined Rails and SPA applications.

2 Tools

2.1 Design and State

2.1.1 Initial Mockup

2.1.2 Component Breakdown

  • Application
    • Toolbars
    • Panels
      • Sub-panels

2.1.3 Presentational Components

For the feature under development what are the display elements that are essential to the application.

2.1.4 Mock Data

2.1.7 Lifecycles

2.1.9 Events and Reducers

This requires an understanding of the flow in the application of the events that would flow through the system.

2.5 Logging

2.6 Inspection

  • RailsPanel
  • React DevTools

Author: Jason Walsh

Created: 2020-07-31 Fri 10:14